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Fractures or a break in the bone around the knee usually happens when some type of trauma happens. This could be a fall from a high height that could be a low energy one or a high energy trauma like a motor vehicle accident.

Most common types of fractures include

  • Proximal tibia fractures (top portion of the lower leg bone)
  • Distal femur fracture (bottom portion of the thigh bone)
  • Fractures around a knee replacement
  • Patella fractures (the knee cap)

various symptoms of knee fracture

  • Bruising and swelling
  • Pain bearing heavyweight
  • Tenderness to touch
  • The knee looks out of place
  • The leg appears shorter and crooked

What causes knee fractures?

A fracture in the knee is caused by anything that can lead to a broken knee bone. Fractures and chronic knee pain is seen in athletes, especially those who are in sports in football or soccer.  Here are a few other causes of the fractured knee.

  • Direct and strong hits to the knee joint
  • Repeated falls to the knees
  • Injuries that happen to the other bones and muscles that are around the knee

A fractured knee is usually a minor injury to the bones. And the specific cause of the fractured knee determines what kind of injury affects the knee bones.

Treatment for knee fracture

There are some fractures that can be treated conservatively and without surgery. But some fractures need surgery with screws, plates, rods or other hardware. The treatment for knee fracture is basically based on stability, location and type of fracture.


Time to recover from knee fracture

The recovery depends on several factors such as age, health and type of fracture one may have. For some people, it would take a year or more to heal the fracture completely. Your doctor can tell you when it is best to start moving your knee to prevent stiffness in the knee. It also depends on how well the skin and muscle tissues are recovering and how secure the fracture is after having being fixed. If the bone is fractured in many pieces of if the bone is weak, it could take a longer period to heal and also a long time before the doctor recommends motion activities.