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Dr Madhu Thumu is one of the Best Orthopaedic Doctor  in Hyderabad with over 12 years of Experience. He is specialised in joint replacement and named as well known knee replacement surgeon. As a knee pain specialist he performed no of knee replacement surgeries at very reasonable cost. His aim is to provide knee pain treatment and knee replacement surgeries at affordable cost for all patients. He is currently practising at Srikara Orthopaedic Hospital as a chief knee joint replacement surgeon.

Our Centers Of Excellences

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is also known as knee arthroplasty. Knee Replacement surgery is considered for some one who has suffered knee injury , where damaged part of knee will be replaced with knee implants.

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is very common problem now a days for all ages of people, which results an injury or torn cartilage. Certain medical conditions like gout, arthritis, and infections can also cause knee pain. we provide non surgical knee pain treatment for these kinds of problems.

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a very common condition which affects your bones. When it comes to arthritis, remember that the earlier you start treatment, the better the condition can be managed and the longer you will be able to manage without surgery.

Meniscal tears

The treatment options for meniscus tear depend on the severity of the injury and options can vary from medication to surgery.

Knee Fractures

Fractures or a break in the bone around the knee usually happens when some type of trauma happens. This could be a fall from a high height that could be a low energy one or a high energy trauma like a motor vehicle accident.


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  • My brother is not able to walk for long distances and getting knee pain severely some times. We got consulted Madhu for knee pain treatment, after diagnosis he suggested knee replacement surgery as knee is completely damaged. After knee replacement surgery my brother is able to walk next day with help of walker.

    Ananya Shanthi

  • My father is suffering with knee pain from 3 years. we consulted many doctors and every body suggested knee replacement surgery. To take second opinion we consulted Dr Madhu sir, after diagnosis he explained the problem and suggested medicine for 2 months. He also suggested physiotherapy for 1 month. Without any knee replacement surgery my […]

    Raghava Reddy

  • we met madhu thumu for my grandmothers Knee replacement surgery as my uncle reffered us. After some tests and diagnosis, they allotted a date. After surgery my grandmother took rest for few days and doctor helped us to get our money back through reimbursement. we are really thankful for understanding our financial condition and helping […]


  • I am suffering with sever shoulder pain and not able to work in office. after undergoing some tests i got a report like There is a tendons tear in my shoulder due to playing sports. So, Doctor suggested me to take physiotherapy for 6 weeks to avoid surgery and watch the result. with medicines he […]

    Ajith Kumar

  • due to heavy office work and bad sitting posture, i got severe lower back pain. i went to Doctor Madhu and explained my problem. He wrote MRI Scan and after diagnosis, he prescribed some medicines and spray for 1 month. Literally i didn’t get any back pain till today. Thank you sir.

    Bhargava Sai